Try Frozen, Blended Cocktails At Tippler

Frozen drinks go highbrow

It is often forgotten that Chelsea Market was once a Nabisco factory.

It also seems as though everyone also forgot that there is an equally vast basement below it. This once-dormant space is now the Tippling Brothers' (that's Paul Tanguay and Tad Carducci) new spot, the Tippler.

And while these boys may have highfalutin cocktail careers, they realize there's something about a blended drink that makes drinkers smile instantly.

Make no mistake, the menu's frozen "Lushies" have the dump-and-whirl mentality of Slurpees, but the thoughtful ingredients reveal hours spent behind the bar.

The Wise Cold Sage ($11) brings together a heady mix of J.M. white rum agricole, Creole shrubb, grapefruit, sage and sirop de canne. The spirits-forward Spazerac ($13) is rich in bitters, Redemption rye whiskey and cocktail-geek sacrilege.

The simplest of the bunch, the Snow Groni ($10), marches a Negroni on an Artic expedition with Beefeater gin, Campari and sweet vermouth.

Outside weather be damned, the bar's high-powered Hamilton Beach Tempest blenders are still whirring. Come winter, look for mezcal-laced frozen Mexican hot chocolate.

In the meantime, you can give smart blended drinks a spin at home with a vodka-and-absinthe-loaded Screaming Greenie ($12) (click here for the recipe).

The Tippler, 425 W. 15th St. (between Ninth and Tenth aves.); 212-206-0000 or