Frenchie's Bakery By Chef Erica Skolnik

Frenchie's has a wrap on croissants

Erica Skolnik is a professional at buttering up her clients.

The owner of Frenchie's, a new bakery service, uses thick, European-style butter for her croissants, breads and other baked goods. The Frenchie's croissants ($3) would make a Francophile proud.

The crisped, flaky shell collapses into its smooth, puffy interior. In addition to her classic croissant, Skolnik also wraps her croissants around filling combinations like ham and cheddar, or chocolate, banana and peanut butter.

Weekends mean pecan sticky buns ($3), doughy spirals blanketed in thick, caramelized brown-sugar sauce and often still warm from the oven.

For a quick midday sugar hit, crumbly shortbread-style button cookies ($1.50 for two) are filled with house-made blackberry jam. Chocolate chip cookies are packaged in pairs ($1) and baked with dark-chocolate disks that melt and permeate the entire cookie. Skolnik will also custom-bake cakes with three days' notice.

Small pies–including autumnal crumb-topped apple-whiskey ($8)–rarely survive the trip home. They guarantee that we'll be waiting for Skolnik's next venture: opening Frenchie's as a classic diner.

Available at Seasonal Pantry, 1314½ 9th St. NW (at N St. NW); 202-431-6608 or