Mama's Nuts By Adreienne Lo

Snacking gets sublime with Mama's Nuts

Our last encounter with Mama's Nuts cashew-peanut brittle left us a bit embarrassed. We crunched away on the salty, buttery snack and, before we knew it, half the bag was gone.

Such is the danger of the new line of snacks from Adrienne Lo, one-half of the duo behind X-Marx. Long given as a post-dinner parting gift at the supper club's events, Lo's popular brittle spawned a line of snacks, some sweet, some spicy, and all nut-packed.

She's now crafted three kinds of brittle: cashew ($11), pecan-peanut ($12) and almond-peanut ($10), each with nuts ensconced in airy, crackling brittle. They're flavored with vanilla extract, which Lo makes by soaking Tahitian and Madagascar vanilla beans in small-batch bourbon.

The line's recipes are inspired by her family's traditions, and we heartily thank Grandma Pauline for her contribution of meringue-coated Texas pecans ($12), darkly roasted and fiercely sweet.

Spicy Sichuan peanuts (pictured; $8) reference Lo's travels through the Chinese province earlier this year. A dusting of Sichuan peppercorn on the salted nubs leaves an electric tingle on the tongue. Almonds ($8) get their reddish hue and a smoky heft from Spanish pimentón.

Pair either with a beer, and raise a glass to nutty families with crazy-good taste.