Coffee Beans By Tonx

Making the best cup of coffee at home

The most recent wave of coffee culture to wash over Los Angeles has given us an enviable array of caffeine choices.

But the current coffee zeitgeist revolves around public consumption. You head out to buy a latte, and the quality of the coffee made in your pajamas has not necessarily risen in tandem with the cult of the barista. Tonx aims to change that.

Tony Konecny and Nik Bauman, owners of the two-month-old mail-order coffee company, see it like this: The celebrated brewing skills practiced in many coffee bars have created the myth that a barista is the sole route to an excellent cup of joe.

Tonx was founded on the idea that all you need is the right beans. And by offering one small, unique batch of coffee at a time (currently milk-chocolate-inflected Finca La Folie from Guatemala), it's able to supply supremely fresh whole beans.

In focusing on sourcing and roasting, the gadget bondage of the coffee nerd falls away. No burr grinder? No problem. Tonx won't chide you for it.

For the true caffeine fiend, Tonx now has the ultimate fix: a monthly subscription service ($35) that delivers a 12-ounce bag of just-roasted beans to your doorstep every two weeks.