Pot Lid Trivets And Prep Dishes

A pot lid is like the kitchen version of your best friend's girlfriend–it serves a joint purpose but can be awkward and annoying on its own.

However, a new type of pot couple has emerged from Europe (natch), bringing the lid into its own graceful light.

Called the Aromapot, this beauty is the best of old and new: It comes from the Austrian company Riess, whose family-owned operation has been making enamel cookware for more than 400 years. But the pot's award-winning design comes from the chic firm Dottings.

The pots themselves function exceptionally on the stove or in the oven. And here's our favorite part: When the lids are not in use, they can be flipped over and serve as prep dishes or trivets. This small but handy design tweak expands the versatility of your cooking equipment. The designers also made the pots and lids easily stackable, so this particular couple is a welcome fit anywhere.

Wish we could say the same of the girlfriend.