Gluten-Free Flour Mix By C4C

Brioche for all with C4C gluten-free flour

Thomas Keller made his name on "Oysters and Pearls," but today his empire is built largely on flour. Just look inside one of the busy locations of his chainlet Bouchon Bakery.

As a result, it doesn't require much of a mental leap to explain Keller's foray into the flour business with his new company C4C. More surprising, though, is the fact that the flour is gluten-free.

When growing numbers of guests began to clamor for gluten-free dishes and desserts, swapping ingredients with a pre-existing substitute was hardly the answer. Instead, Keller enlisted the help of his research chef, Lena Kwak, and together the two developed a proprietary gluten-free blend for the breads and pastries on the menu at all of Keller's properties.

The pair quickly realized that their mixture of rice flour, tapioca flour, potato flour and potato starch was a triumph, confirmed by the exclamations of gluten-intolerant guests with their hands in now-accessible breadbaskets. In the interest of further accessibility, Keller and Kwak are selling the flour–which can be swapped "cup for cup" with standard all-purpose flour–to the home cook.

Use C4C in your favorite pastry recipes or try one from Keller. With this chef, substitutes are not only accepted, but encouraged.