Pairings Perfect For Tastebuds

Two mouths are better than one

Batman and Robin. Romeo and Juliet. Jay and Silent Bob.

Unique partnerships have enriched stories throughout history. This month, they're enriching our taste buds as well. Here, our favorite finds from August's most dynamic pairs:

Orange You Glad If you're still trying to wrap your head around orange wine, consider easing into the genre with this Rebula bottling from a viticulturally gifted husband-and-wife team. She's Slovenian, he's French, and the wine offers the best of both worlds.

It's Electric At times, the gap between digital and print can be wide. But thanks to a few innovative websites, some of our favorite paper heirlooms (such as recipes and menus) are now available to enjoy on the computer screen.

Drunk Cheese In a meeting of masterful culinary minds, the foraging team at Mikuni Wild Harvest has teamed with Bay Area cheese doyenne Soyoung Scanlan to create the ultimate combination: goat cheese washed with a bourbon-barrel-aged maple syrup.

Cross Your T(ea)s Morning and evening beverages meet in the middle with Japanese Green Tea IPA, a collaborative ale from the breweries Stone, Ishii and Baird. The alluring brew gets an added bitter quality from whole-leaf sencha.

Street Cred Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz broke the mold with their Mission Street Food (which later morphed into Mission Chinese Food). Now they've reinvented the cookbook with their new tome, which documents the unlikely tale in fresh and captivating ways, including comic strips, step-by-step photos and manifestos.