A new site that trawls the best of the blogs--and delivers

The idea behind the new website CookItFor.Us sounds familiar at first: Search for recipes that are culled from trusted sources and bookmark favorites by "craving."

But CookItFor.Us stands out with a new conceit that arranges for a professional chef to cook the recipes for you and deliver them to your door.

The site plans to organize a network of local caterers to turn readers' choices into deliverable meals, a feature that is currently being tested in Chicago, and will launch nationwide this fall.

But until then, we'll be using the site for a different purposeā€“as an aggregator of popular recipes from the web's best blogs. On any given day, CookItFor.Us is populated with recipes from Smitten Kitchen, 101 Cookbooks, David Leibovitz, Leite's Culinaria, Canelle et Vanille and dozens more. The site's algorithm pulls recipes based on blog popularity, recipe chatter and interaction.

And should you come across a recipe elsewhere on the web that you want to save, you can hit a handy button on your toolbar and it'll be sent directly to your CookItFor.Us archive.

Whether you're looking for inspiration to pull out the pans or want to turn the web into your personal room-service menu, this website will oblige.