Siren SeaSA Seafood Subscription Service

Siren SeaSA brings the catch to you

Anna Larsen had planned to be an opera singer.

But when she tired of the music world, she decided a career in food might be a more appetizing path.

Six weeks ago, Larsen, who works by day as the quality-control manager at North Coast Fisheries, launched Siren SeaSA, a seafood subscription service that sources local, responsibly harvested seafood.

Larsen has forged relationships with area fishermen, which ensures she's getting only the most pristine catch, a varied assortment of seafood that might include mussels, squid, black cod, salmon or halibut.

Subscribers can choose from a full-fillet share ($40 per week), a half-fillet share ($20 per week) or a whole-fish share ($60 per week), and pick up the catch at a handful of Bay Area locations, either weekly or biweekly. Deliveries start up again on September 10.

For those of us navigating the murky waters of responsible seafood consumption, Siren is a boon: No more consulting the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch guide as we dubiously regard the seafood in the grocery case.

Larsen also updates her website weekly to include information about that week's fisherman, along with a recipe and storage tips.

And there are no questions about freshness, either: The seafood goes from boat to processing plant to subscriber in 24 hours, which is waves crashing to our ears.

Siren SeaSA; 707-738-5540 or