Beer-Based Cocktails

Add some beer to your beverage

Crisp and carbonated, beer is an excellent base for building cocktails. As the city's Beer Week winds down, raise a glass with one of these restaurants' new hop-filled concoctions:

Beau Thai This year-old Thai restaurant recently launched a cocktail program using spicy spirits, lemongrass and house-grown kaffir lime leaves. But the best choice for soothing chile-drenched palates is a ginger beer ($8). This effervescent shandy blends malty Thai Singha beer with curls of ginger and fresh lime juice for a tart anecdote to spicy pork belly over rice noodles ($7).

Hill Country This homage to Lone Star barbecue taps into Texan brews with five different types of Shiner available on tap. When you've had your fill of meat, ask for the new, off-menu beer float ($9). The restaurant will scoop thick, creamy vanilla ice cream–from Texas' Blue Bell creamery–into a 16-ounce mason jar and top it with your choice of chocolaty Black Lager or the lightly caramelized Bock.

Birch & Barley This temple to pristine suds plays with beer cocktails during its daylong Sunday brunch. The Michelada ($7.50) blends lightly fruity ale with Bloody Mary-style fixings, including tomato and lime juices, Worcestershire sauce, a spicy kick of habanero and a hearty pour of Cholula's spicy chili-lime sauce, with a salted rim to temper the spice.