Websites For The Traveler's Restaurants

Two sites for the globe-trotting eater

If you're like us, your first order of business when touching down in a new city is staking out the culinary options.

For intrepid eaters, two new websites are taking a fresh approach to travel tips, and both have plenty to say about gastronomic tourism:

They Draw and Travel The follow-up to the genius illustrated recipe collection They Draw and Cook, this new website from siblings Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell is a vault of illustrated maps by artists from around the world. Narrow your search to maps that focus on "eating & drinking," and you'll find depictions of an astonishing range of recommendations, from classic food joints in Bangalore to the best waffles in Hong Kong's North Point neighborhood.

FATHOM Explore this site by finishing the sentence, "I travel for the..." After doing so, you'll find interviews with notable travelers, itineraries for cities around the globe and suggestions for restaurants from local chefs. The just-launched "Guides" section is small at present (with only four cities represented), but it's packed with useful information, including ideas for what to do on a business trip in New York (impress a client at Bar Boulud) or where to go on a solo trip to London (dine at the bar at Moro, for starters). And check back each month for a new city's debut.