Pound The Hill Slushies

Pound the Hill makes summer even cooler

Chillier than juice, more refreshing than ice cream and as flavorful as ripe fruit, the new slushies at Pound the Hill are the neighborhood's most cooling companion to a Saturday stroll through Eastern Market.

Introduced just last week, the drinks are thick, icy concoctions whose saturated flavor comes from summer fruit rather than from concentrates. And unlike often heavy yogurt-based smoothies, these drinks ($3.50) rely on little more than fruit and ice.

The watermelon-mint version whirs big, juicy chunks of melon with sprigs of fresh mint, ice and a dash of agave nectar. The mint works to cool the sweet ruby bite of melon. That coolness is also an excellent balance for Pound the Hill's current, slightly spicy Thai pineapple curry lunch special ($9).

Like an adult version of classic county-fair lemonades, Pound's raspberry-lemon slushie is a puckering contrast of naturally sweet, puréed raspberries and strawberries against fresh lemon juice. The tart sip is instantly refreshing and clean, like a drinkable palate cleanser for any lunch you might pick up at the market or along Barracks Row.

Pound the Hill, 621 Pennsylvania Ave. SE (between 6th & 7th sts.); 202-621-6765 or poundcoffee.com