The Pofertjes Man Business By Susan And Brett Lang

When Suzanne Lang transferred to the United States from Australia for work, she and her husband, Brett, were shocked at the dearth of poffertjes.

Suzanne, whose parents are Dutch, grew up eating the delicate miniature Dutch pancakes at markets, shops and street fairs.

So after living in New York for only a month, the pair launched a business to fill the gap: the Poffertjes Man.

The duo imported specially shaped cast-iron pans from Holland, then subjected them to a seven-day seasoning process to make them naturally nonstick.

Now armed with the pans, two tabletop butane burners and a light yeasted white-flour batter, the Langs are turning out recycled-paper boats filled with pillowlike pancakes at the Hester Street Fair on Saturdays and the Fulton Street Market on Sundays.

The resulting poffertjes ($5), crisp on the outside and moist inside, are speared onto wooden skewers and heaped gently together with drifts of powdered sugar and salted butter.

The butter pools luxuriously at the bottom of the boat. If you're sharing, good luck; we bet you'll end up wanting your own portion.

Look for poffertjes to continue appearing across the city: For example, this fall, Marja Samsom will be cooking a traditional buckwheat version at the New Amsterdam Market.

Then, during the holiday season in December, look for the Poffertjes Man at the annual Columbus Circle Market with a special winter-spiced cherry topping.