Hotels With The Best Bars

Find drinks close to your bed

There's a reason they call it a nightcap.

Our favorite cocktails can often be as effective for our sleep cycles as an Advil PM. So when traveling, we choose places where our booze and our bed are in close proximity. It's fitting, we think, as the first bars were in taverns, the historic precursor to the modern hotel.

Here, ideal new lodgings for the dipsomaniac:

New York Lest you forget the recipe for a proper Manhattan, it's inscribed on the furniture in the Presidential Suite at The Surrey hotel. The room's luxe chaise lounge from London furniture designer Jimmie Martin is emblazoned with ingredients and instructions for the drink, while the private in-room bar holds the ingredients to assemble it.

Chicago After savoring Longman & Eagle elevated pub grub (wild-boar sloppy Joes) and classic and house cocktails (such as the Full House; see the recipe here), head to one of the design-centric rooms to sleep off your meal. If the urge for one more libation strikes, overnight guests are provided whiskey tokens redeemable for free drams from the bar's 148-strong selection.

London The Zetter Townhouse, an annex of the nearby Zetter Hotel, impresses with its bar program from the mad scientists Tony Conigliaro and Camille Hobby-Limon. But should you stay in, each room's minibar is stocked with bottles of ready-to-serve Negronis, El Presidentes and gin martinis. Or ask the front desk for a DIY cocktail kit, complete with tools, ice, glassware and garnishes.