Fresh Fruit Sodas Perfect For Summer

Refreshers to get you through summer's dog days

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During these long, steamy days of summer, we're compelled more by our thirst than our hunger.

To that end, we're constantly on the hunt for new and delicious liquid options since the placid bottle of water can grow tiresome. So we've recently turned to a growing category of simple but delicious sodas. Eschewing the saccharine, syrupy attributes of many mainstream brands, these subtle bottlings highlight the fresh ingredients with which they're flavored. Here, a few of our effervescent favorites:

Spindrift Soda Treat these fresh fruit sodas as you would juice because that's all they contain. Base fruits, such as blackberry and grapefruit, are mashed and mixed with cane juice, lemon juice and sparkling water for a soda with a tart kick just shy of an 'ade (click here to buy).

Q Ginger From the same team that reimagined tonic water comes this new ginger ale, which beguiles with tight, tiny bubbles. Its sweetness relies on agave syrup rather than fructose or corn syrup, which allows the sharp, lingering flavor of fresh ginger to take the spotlight (click here to buy).

Fentiman's This English company has used its recipe for ginger beer since 1902, but we're particularly fond of its latest creation, a rose lemonade. Deriving its flavor from Bulgarian rose oil (straight from the Rose Valley), each glass offers a sour punch tempered with floral sweetness (click here to buy).