Kinfolk Magazine

Brush up on the domestic arts with Kinfolk

We've always been fascinated by the photo spreads of beautiful food and the beautiful people eating it featured in magazines such as the dearly departed Gourmet.

Appearing at once effortless and perfectly orchestrated, they informed the design of our own dinner-party stylings.

Now we have a new place to find hosting inspiration: Kinfolk, a new publication dedicated to the art of casual entertaining.

From a breakfast plan for two and aesthetic tips for a "small gathering" to a section extolling the wonders of a meal or a cup of coffee enjoyed alone, interspersed predictably with quotes from Walden, Kinfolk's approach is expansive.

In addition to whetting your appetite with a dead-simple shaved asparagus salad or slow-roasted tomatoes, the magazine might also lead you to the thrift store to hunt for vintage cloth napkins.

Kinfolk's strength lies in its visuals. Though many of the stories strike an overly precious note, the gorgeous photos of simply laid tables and elegant meals stopped us in our tracks.

It would follow, then, that the magazine is beautifully presented across all platforms. Those who prefer digital access will find appropriate touches, such as inlaid videos of moody meals for two, featured in the online and iPad versions.

So order your print copy, scroll through it online or download it onto your iPad. Just be sure to invite us to your next Kinfolk-influenced dinner party.