Gojee.com Makes Leftover Cooking Easy

Gojee.com gets smart about finding recipes

There are plenty of times where we'll plan well ahead to make a recipe we love and make trips to the grocery store just for the occasion.

But more often, dinner is determined by what is readily available in our kitchen cupboards and fridge. And for these nights, we now have Gojee.com.

The new site's database draws recipes from trusted digital food blogs, then curates the selections for you based on your supplies. One night, we sought to use the last of some fresh ricotta: The resulting carrot gnocchi made quick (and delicious) work of the cheese as well as of the carrots in our crisper drawer with far more imagination than we would have had on our own.

And Gojee is working on technology that will make its suggestions even smarter. Currently, New York users can enter their grocery store loyalty card number and the site will suggest recipes based on recent purchases. So far the tool is limited to only one supermarket chain, but the site plans to expand the tool and is currently taking suggestions for other outlets with which to partner.

For dinner tonight, get smart.