Three Babes Bakeshop - San Francisco

Three Babes Bakeshop's new pop-up pie shop

On the trend-o-meter, Three Babes Bakeshop is off the charts.

The new venture is a pop-up that operates out of a repurposed shipping container. The babes received their initial funding on Kickstarter. And they're making pie, the current darling of the dessert world.

Roll your eyes if you will, but in a town with a surprising lack of good pie, we welcome Lenore Estrada, Anna Derivi-Castellanos and Katrina Svoboda's efforts.

Made with an all-butter crust, cooked to a flaky golden-brown, the options–which change each week–currently include cherry, made with fruit from a family tree; strawberry-rhubarb with crumble top; a delicate lemon-buttermilk, shot through with blueberries; and our favorite, the salty honey-walnut, the Babes' alternative to pecan pie.

They also make savory pies and individual pies-in-a-jar (the above flavors, plus banana cream; $5 each).

You can preorder a whole pie ($32 to 38, plus a refundable pie-tin deposit) for delivery in San Francisco or pickup at the weekends-only pop-up via their Good Eggs store.

Die-hard fans should sign up for a pie subscription, a weekly delivery of an off-menu creation featuring limited-edition fruit that's in short supply.

Plan to keep some vanilla ice cream in the freezer at all times.

Three Babes Bakeshop, 415-742-0484 or