Desserts By Ovenly's Erin Patinkin And Agatha Kulaga

Ovenly's treats know how to get around

Trying the new Coolhaus truck's made-to-order ice cream sandwiches, we were momentarily distracted by their nifty edible potato-paper wrappers.

But then we evaluated the real business at hand: Where'd Coolhaus get those cookies?

The answer lies with Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaga, the creative force behind Ovenly.

The duo met at a culinary-themed book club. (No, you can't join; yes, we already asked.) There, Patinkin and Kulaga bantered about the terrible snacks at local bars and decided to start a business focused solely on desserts and snacks. Now, the ladies are weaving a tangled and delectable web of collaborations from their kitchen.

Spicy-sweet bacon-caramel corn is served on sundaes at Paulie Gee's, while the pair's Old Bay peanuts are on the bar at the Brooklyn Brewery, Veronica People's Club and the soon-to-open Hotel Williamsburg.

Coolhaus stocks Ovenly's cinnamon-dark-chocolate hot fudge and salty caramel sauces, along with a number of the team's cookies (our favorite is the vegan chocolate chip, which Coolhaus pairs with dirty mint chip ice cream).

Ovenly is also in cahoots with Steve's Ice Cream to create a Bklyn Blackout flavor loaded with chocolate pudding and chocolate-stout cake crumbs. Look for it at Steve's forthcoming Bryant Park and Boerum Hill shops.

With Ovenly's synergistic eats available at trucks, restaurants, bars and freezers, snacking is now a bona fide all-day affair.

See a full list of where to find Ovenly products here: