Gelatinas By Sweet Collection From Chef Rosa Rodriguez

Gelatin desserts that make cupcakes irrelevant

Move over, cupcakes: One look at Rosa Rodriguez's jewel-like creations and we think we've found the next cult dessert.

Rodriguez's gelatinas, which resemble snow globes or elegant paperweights, are made from molded clear gelatin. Using syringes filled with colored gelatin, an artist's eye and a steady hand, she injects the colored gelatin into the clear, forming a design as she works (click here for a video of Rodriguez at work).

Though novel here, gelatinas are a Mexican standard, often served at quinceañeras and weddings, made in all shapes and sizes. Flowers are the most common designs, but Rodriguez takes custom requests, recently doing a special order of gelatinas for Google that bore the company logo.

And while they're usually fruit-flavored, Rodriguez also makes spiked versions–that is to say, fancy Jell-O shots–with tequila, rum and vodka. When seasonally appropriate, she has been known to bust out an eggnog version.

Currently the gelatinas are available only by special order (minimum of 150), but the spiked ones will debut this summer at the San Francisco Street Food Festival.

Some might say they're too pretty to eat, but we're sure you'll find a way.

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