The Great American Woody For Outdoors Drinking

Even the most dedicated drinkers need to escape the bar and get outside (while still drinking, of course). And of the booze-slinging set, nobody has taught us more about cocktailing on the go than Jim Meehan, of New York's lauded P.D.T.

First, he debuted the ultimate bar-tool roll-up, and now he's teamed up with DIFFA, interior designer Brad Ford and bag maker Moore & Giles to create the Great American Woody.

The tricked-out camper features a full-size pull-out bar that can hold more than 30 bottles and has a full ice trough, space for glassware, a pony keg, and a wine rack on the side.

And since nobody can live on booze alone (as hard as we might try), the Woody also boasts sleeping accommodations for two and an entertainment system. It's heading out on the road soon, making stops at the Aspen Food & Wine festival and the Fall Race at Keeneland, before parking at DIFFA's Be Present event, where it'll be auctioned off to benefit AIDS research.

For those who'd rather not wait to imbibe in the great outdoors, however, we've collected a few key items–and a recipe from Meehan, which takes inspiration from classic summer barbecue ingredients–to help you construct a roadie of your own (click here to see the slide show).