Bayou Bakery's Sno-Ball Desserts | Court House, Washington D.C.

Strawberries get a frosty makeover

New Orleans desserts aren't all rum-flamed bananas and deep-fried pastries. When thick, humid weather rolls in, the "sno-ball" carts come out.

Fluffy and bright, sno-balls are made using finely shaved ice, rather than the pebbly chipped ice used in snow cones. Then the sno-balls are flavored with fresh fruit purées or syrups and topped with creamy condensed milk.

Bayou Bakery is bringing the Southern treat to Arlington with its newly debuted menu of the light, powdery desserts ($3). Owner David Guas serves a variety of New Orleans' most popular flavors, including wedding cake, cherry and cream soda.

Guas also shops the neighboring Courthouse Farmers' Market to create an all-natural fruit flavor that changes each month. His first blend is strawberry, made using flats of ripe ruby fruit from Westmoreland Berry Farm. With a drizzle of condensed milk, the fluffy and slightly puckering strawberry ice becomes a silky taste of Southern spring.

Guas also plans to spike his snow: The chef is working on an adults-only after-dinner alternative.

Bayou Bakery, 1515 N. Courthouse Rd., Arlington; 703-243-2410 or