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Harth fires up its wine list


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Harth fires up its wine list

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It does not serve campfire dinners, but the new Harth in McLean kindles its own woodsy flavors with fire-tinged food and wine pairings.

The white, modern space is punctuated by stone fireplaces with roaring flames, and the burgers, chicken and vegetables are fire-roasted for rustic effect.

Drinks also tackle the char and smoke of flame-licked food: The Harth team has assembled a list of bold, smoky red wines to enhance the kitchen's wood-burning methods.

The standout pairings start at the breadbasket. The accompanying bacon jam is thick and meaty, but also just sweet enough from slow-cooked onions that the staff sometimes eats it over ice cream. Decoy's Meritage ($65) has deep floral flavors that unfurl into smoke and tobacco to match the spread's rich, salty bacon.

Easy tannins from Virginia's Veritas Cabernet Franc ($38) nip the fire-roasted local chicken served with forest mushrooms ($22). The wine downplays the bird's rich rosemary jus while teasing out the char of its crisp, roasted skin.

Powerful California Cabernet Sauvignons, including Tangley Oaks ($17 per glass) and Rodney Strong ($80), stand up to grilled strip steak ($29) and blistered flatbread with Italian sausage ($11).

There may not be s'mores on the menu, but the blackout cupcake ($10), stuffed with marshmallows under a cascade of hot fudge, is the next best substitute for the campfire classic.

Harth, 7920 Jones Branch Dr., McLean; 703-761-5131 or harthrestaurant.com

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