FieldtoCity's Farm-Fresh Local Food | Washington D.C.

FieldtoCity brings the farm to you

Home delivery has long been the province of pizza and cheap Chinese.

Now, farm-fresh food is headed to your doorstep, courtesy of FieldtoCity's new same-day delivery. The service handily fills a food void for busy office workers, homebodies, and those who miss the fleeting hours of the local farmers' market.

Owner Kim Wee has assembled a selection of fresh, local and organic à la carte food culled from area producers and local markets for customers to browse. Tear into your order to find Fertile Plains sweet Italian sausage from West Virginia ($8), Field Day organic spaghetti ($3), a jar of juicy, thick tomato sauce from Toigo Orchards ($6), or chocolate milk from Trickling Springs Creamery ($6).

FieldtoCity will deliver produce, dairy, meat, packaged goods, and even beer and wine anywhere within the District. The service offers tracking, with up-to-the-minute reports on your groceries' delivery status. While the business gets going, there is a $50 minimum purchase, which can be paid upon delivery with cash or check.

If you're already on the go, FieldtoCity also offers in-store pickup from its Bloomingdale space with a $25 minimum purchase.

FieldtoCity, 200 Rhode Island Ave. NW; 202-588-5612 or