United States Of Food Gardening Experts

United States of Food germinates your ideas

Give us your tired, your poor and your not-quite-capable green thumbs: United States of Food is ready to tackle your most dire gardening challenges.

Ivan Fehrenbach and Shane Emmett, the partners behind this new Virginia company, build custom cedar and pine gardens, each shaped into square plots, raised tables or even wine barrels to fit your available space. Once your plot is ready, the duo can deliver it as an empty bed (from $199) or one fully planted with your choice of newly sprouted fruit and vegetable plants.

Now that we are in prime planting season for summer harvests, the team is growing heirloom Green Zebra and Purple Cherokee tomatoes, mixed lettuces, colorful bell peppers and a slew of herbs, though customers can commission nearly any plant that grows in the Mid-Atlantic.

Each garden comes with specific instructions for optimal growth, though nervous gardeners can install the duo's drip irrigation system with a timer to water the young plants.

For a less committed start to your food harvests, the company has a new selection of smaller food sources, including shippable garden plots ($199) and kits for growing microgreens ($30).

This is your declaration of independence from Mother Nature.

Available at unitedstatesoffood.com