Edible Selby's Celebrity-Style Food Photography

Todd Selby turns the lens on some delicious subjects

Photographer Todd Selby helps the rest of us indulge in one of the most satisfying of all human pursuits: looking at other people's stuff.

His documentary-style photo galleries are available for perusal on his website TheSelby.com. The photos reveal interesting people in their natural state, surrounded by their personal props at home or at work.

Now, in conjunction with his new column at T Magazine, the photographer has launched a sister website, Edible Selby, where he focuses his lens on chefs, chocolatiers, bakers and taco-shack operators, chronicling them celebrity-style with close-ups in their work or home kitchens.

The quirky handwritten interviews that accompany the photo galleries make this more than just a voyeuristic adventure. Amid hand-drawn maps and self-portraits in the form of bread loaves, each Q&A includes a signature recipe from its subject: the egg tortilla from Saltie in Brooklyn, the frosted peanuts that top ice cream at San Francisco scoop shop Humphry Slocombe, a cocktail recipe from British mixologist Tony Conigliaro.

Set aside some time to view Selby's shots, but be prepared: Once you've ogled them all, you'll be hungry for more.