Lindy & Grundy, Meat Mavens' Butchershop | Mid-City, Los Angeles

Butchering on Fairfax

Los Angeles' conscientious carnivores finally have a butcher for their sustainably raised meat needs.

Lindy & Grundy only opened last week, but buzz about the shop has been building since last summer. L.A. is undeniably smitten with Erika Nakamura and Amelia Posada, the wife-and-wife owners.

Meats sold at the shop are largely sourced from within 150 miles of L.A., a tight radius that required nearly two years of visiting local ranches.

Every meat here has a story: Chickens are raised by a woman described as a goth-ish USDA conspiracy theorist; their Lompoc cattle rancher, nine months pregnant, is working to send another steer their way before going into labor.

Pork is raised by Lefty Ayers, a local star thanks to his cultish Berkshire pigs. The Lindy & Grundy ladies opted to highlight a different breed altogether, so while the meat from the Yorkshire-Hampshire pigs is still long on flavor, its price is comparatively affordable ($12 per pound for chops).

Everyday grass-fed steaks can be had, but if you're looking to splurge, pick up a dry-aged cut. Prices can rise upward of $40 per pound, but that's not going to keep us from grilling at least one dry-aged tri-tip this summer.

Lindy & Grundy, 801 N. Fairfax Ave., Mid-City; 323-951-0804 or