Passover Wine Favorites | Washington D.C.

Drink these to spice up Passover seder

With the recent influx of delis, it's simple to find excellent matzo ball soup and brisket.

What are harder to unearth are Passover-friendly wines that can stand up to the holiday's food. Passover wines must be made without preservatives and with special, grain-free yeast. Happily, those restrictions haven't prevented winemakers around the world from producing excellent bottles.

We asked Best Cellars and Potomac Wines and Spirits for their favorite Passover-friendly pairings:

Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc 2009 ($13; Best Cellars) Pineapple and melon brighten this off-dry California selection, which is also Mevushal, kosher regardless of who serves it. It's particularly good when paired with a lemony chicken broth and herbed matzo balls.

Ella Valley Chardonnay 2009 ($25; Potomac Wines and Spirits) This soft Israeli white features light oak, pear and mineral notes and a creamy finish. It's a mellow glass to carry with you during the hunt for the elusive afikomen, a small piece of matzo hidden as a treat for after the meal.

Cantina Gabriele Sangiovese NV ($13; Best Cellars) Dark ruby hues mirror this Italian wine's deep cherry aroma. It's a hefty choice against tzimmes, a rich stew of short ribs, sweet potatoes and carrots.

Segal Special Reserve Cabernet 2007 ($17; Potomac Wines and Spirits) This Israeli wine is aged in French and American oak to develop its complex, round mouthfeel. If you don't drink it with spiced brisket and prunes this year, cellar it for your next Passover feast.

´╗┐Editor's Note: Best Cellars has closed.