Tasting Table's April Menu Featuring Egg Dishes

Celebrate spring with an egg-centric dinner party

The egg has breakfast in a vise grip. But to limit it to this lone block of the day is to deny its natural versatility.

So for April's menu, we stretched eggs to their limits, using them as an anchor for a spring dinner party (click here to download the menu). Gather a few dozen eggs and a couple of friends, then sate yourselves with a spicy, North African inflection of Scotch eggs made with merguez and accompanied by a bright charmoula dipping sauce.

The yolky proteins bolster shiitake mushrooms and nutty Fontina in a Spanish-style tortilla and also serve as the foundation of a creamy aioli designed for slicking on grilled lamb chops with ramps. And they'll help you close out your meal in the form of gossamer meringue nests filled with lemon curd.

This month's menu will make eggheads of us all.