Guide To Atlanta's 2011 Food & Wine Festival

An inaugural food festival highlights a city with lots to eat

There is danger in being trendy: The word can sometimes suggest something fleeting and without context. So it's been with some ambivalence that we've embraced the national mania around Southern food.

Atlanta to the rescue. The Georgia capital will host its inaugural Atlanta Food & Wine Festival from May 19 to 22. The sprawling event is intended as a blowout forum for the region's food as interpreted by the chefs, farmers, bartenders and sommeliers who preach it as life, not fad.

The four-day schedule is packed. Morning cocktails from Cure's Neal Bodenheimer, wine-and-food pairings from the Husk team, a tasting tent and special chef dinners (at top local restaurants like Restaurant Eugene, Empire State South and Woodfire Grill) are merely a few of the offerings.

We're so excited about the festival, we've arranged a special deal: TT readers receive a 10 percent discount on three-day, VIP and connoisseur packages by clicking here.

While you won't want for food or drink at the festival itself, we've also created a crib sheet of noteworthy pit stops to enhance your weekend (click here to download our custom itinerary). Tuck it in your back pocket, pack the antacid, and hit the road.