Fig & Olive's Retail Olive Oils And Vinegars | Los Angeles

Expand your strategic oil and vinegar reserves

The shelves of retail products at the newly opened Fig & Olive take up only a negligible percentage of the restaurant's 8,000 square feet.

Still, packed with house-label olive oils and vinegars, the shelves manage to hold a substantial amount of quality products that shouldn't be overlooked.

Oils are conveniently labeled with their origin, variety and a brief description. So if, like us, you aren't familiar with the Hojiblanca olives grown in Malaga, Spain, you aren't left trying to guess at their flavor–and the oil delivers on its assurance of "herbal/floral" characteristics. We're drizzling it freely over everything from eggs to salads, steaks and pasta.

Meyer lemon oil ($14) is another favorite. Made by pressing lemons along with the olives during production, it's an oil redolent of the Meyer's uniquely herbaceous quality.

The vinegar selection includes an 18-year-old balsamic ($15) that's appropriately syrupy without being overly sweet. Another Italian vinegar is made from Pinot Noir ($14), the grape's wonderful smokiness making this far more than a one-note acidic smack.

At a loss for what to do with these oils and vinegars? Take cues from Fig & Olive's own liberally oil- and vinegar-garnished dishes, such as steamed striped bass with Arbequina oil, or scallops drizzled with balsamic.

Fig & Olive, 8490 Melrose Place, West Hollywood; 310-360-9100 or