Milk Maid's Hands-On Cheese Making Class | San Francisco

Louella Hill, SF Milkmaid, is pretty cheesy

When Louella Hill first set foot on an Italian sheep farm during a college year abroad, the Brown graduate knew she'd found her calling.

Ten years and five creameries later, the seasoned cheesemaker has traded Providence, Rhode Island, for San Francisco.

The recent transplant has launched her company, The Milk Maid, as a way to share the knowledge she's amassed. Her hands-on classes in ricotta-, mozzarella- and yogurt-making require no previous cheesemaking experience, just a love for balls of warm mozzarella and fluffy clouds of ricotta.

The classes are intended (and priced) for groups of up to 15, and because Hill doesn't have a permanent location, she'll come to you, teaching a class in home kitchens, schools or any other place with a stove, sink and counter space. For individuals, she is also teaching a class at City College in the beginning of April, with plans for other seminars at 18 Reasons later this spring.

It might be far-fetched to imagine cheesemaking classes supplanting trust falls and spa visits as the team-building and bridal shower activity of choice, but if any town is ripe for it, it's San Francisco.