Off The Grid Brings Malaysian Sauces To The Market | San Francisco

A street-food vendor brings Malaysia to the market

When Azalina Eusope began selling lacy crêpes and banana fritters at the Alemany farmers' market in November 2009, the fifth-generation, Penang-born cook was fulfilling a particular destiny.

Now, Eusope is growing her business American-style, with a line of sauces being sold at Whole Foods across the city.

Her star anise curry ($7) is thin, piquant and vibrantly flavored with the licorice-y, floral spice, along with mint, soy sauce and árbol chilies. (Eusope sources spices from her grandparents, who grow them in their Penang backyard.) [2013 UPDATE: The curry sauce is no longer availab.e] 

Her Malaysian peanut sauce ($5) is a sweet-salty staple to dab on fried tofu or grilled meat, or toss into noodles. Eusope says it's a tamer version of the brick-red, spicy condiment she remembers from home.

And the kaya ($6), a traditional coconut "jam" spread with abandon throughout the subcontinent, melds coconut milk and palm sugar, and tastes like coconut cream pie.

Despite her expansion, Eusope has no plans to abandon street vending. When Off the Grid in Fort Mason returns on March 18, Azalina's will be there, hawking banana fritters. This year, though, they'll be topped with kaya.

Available at Whole Foods Markets throughout the city; 415-407-2038 or