Best Spring Cleaning Recipes

Our March menu will prepare you for new produce

Although spring cleaning is necessary, it's far from one of our favorite chores.

So to dull the pain, we recommend tackling the kitchen first. As always this time of year, the pantry needs your attention, so we've assembled a menu of dishes (click here to download the recipes) that rely primarily on the larder's temperature-proof winter staples.

In a triumphant march toward the green hues of spring, cook a velvety pumpkin and coconut milk soup punctuated by rice crackers. For a quick weeknight meal, use cannellini beans to add depth to country-style pork ribs with a side of mustardy sauerkraut. Then indulge your sweet tooth with an ingenious dessert that features scraps of puff pastry.

Chores have never tasted so good.