Wine On Tap At Paris Club And Eno | Chicago

Wine kegs finally arrive in Chicago

We've watched with envy as wine flowed like beer in other cities.

Now, for the first time, Chicago finally has its own wine on tap, pumped through kegs at Paris Club and Eno.

The impetus for kegged wine is twofold. First, the carbon footprint of producing and shipping wine kegs, which hold the equivalent of 26 bottles, is dramatically less than that of bottles. Also, because it's protected from air, the wine stays fresh for months.

The biggest perk for the drinker, though, is the low price. In general, kegs shave $3 to $5 off by-the-glass costs.

Try the wines at the places below, and keep an eye out for wine on tap from New York's Gotham Projects, which will begin distributing in Chicago soon (and kegging local wines soon after).

Eno Wine director Scott Harney worked with California-based Silvertap Wines to create two custom wine blends ($9 per glass) from Sonoma grapes. Until the Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot-Cabernet-Zinfandel blends arrive, try a draft of either a slightly off-dry Sauvignon Blanc or a Cabernet blend.

Paris Club The tapped house wines at this recently opened revamp of Brasserie Jo are a crisp Pinot Gris ($7) and a light-bodied Pinot Noir ($8). Both come from Willamette Valley's Stone Wolf Vineyards, which kegged its first wines at the restaurant's behest.