Winesave Preserves Your Open Bottles Of Wine

Rescue your open wine bottles from a vinegary fate with winesave

The starting price for the Enomatic, a sleek and highly effective system that protects the contents of open wine bottles from deterioration, is in the upper four digits, well beyond the budgets of average wine lovers.

It's taken nearly a decade since the Enomatic hit the restaurant market for a wallet-friendly alternative for home wine preservation to arrive. Now it's here in the form of winesave.

Each container of winesave ($40) relies on argon, an odorless, food-safe gas that's two and a half times heavier than air. Spray the argon into a bottle of open wine, then seal the bottle with a cork, cap or wine stopper. Due to its weight, the gas drops to the surface level of the remaining wine, where it acts as a protective shield, keeping the wine's nuances in–and oxidation and decay out.

Every can contains enough gas for at least 50 uses and works equally well to preserve white, red and sparkling wines. For maximum preservation of a week or, often, far more, keep bottles refrigerated and upright.

An added perk: The can, once empty, is recyclable.