Artisan Kitchenware At Lillstreet Art Center | Chicago

Find creative, unique tableware at Lillstreet Art Center

Ravenswood's Lillstreet Art Center is best known as a hub of artist studios and art classes.

It is also one of the city's best sources for beautiful and unusual plates, platters, glasses and bowls, all made by top ceramic artists from around the country.

Dozens of works are on display in the center's newly expanded shop and gallery space, and a recent visit yielded a bevy of covetable tabletop accessories, all excellent gifts for Valentine's Day.

John Oles These gracefully warped porcelain cups ($50) are glazed a delicate celadon (pictured, top center).

Joe Pintz Food would look stunning in this Michigan artist's oblong earthenware serving bowls ($80), glazed in muted green, yellow and off-white to make the bowls' contents pop (pictured, bottom left).

Hiroe Hanazono The featured artist in the shop's gallery section makes thick condiment dishes ($140) with modern, undulating lines, made from molded porcelain glazed in gentle pastels (pictured, bottom center).

Meredith Host Oversize bowls ($40) and plates ($50) made in Kansas City are splashed with bright colors and adorned with patterned decals (pictured, bottom right).

Various artists Dramatically speckled and burnished slab plates ($50) and low bowls ($100) from a trio of Minnesota artists are reminiscent of rustic, earthy Japanese-style pottery–and almost too stunning to cover with food (pictured, top left and top right).

Lillstreet Art Center, 4401 N. Ravenswood Ave.; 773-769-4226 or