Jersey Farms Famous Crushed Tomatoes | New York City

Jersey Farms Tomatoes are a winter dinner savior

Didn't get around to canning tomatoes last summer?

You're in good company: Chefs Tony Liu (Pulino's), Nick Anderer (Maialino), Craig Hopson (Le Cirque), Marc Meyer (Cookshop, Five Points and Hundred Acres) and Andrew Feinberg (Bklyn Larder) didn't either. So this winter, they're all reaching for the same brown-paper-wrapped can: Jersey Farms Crushed Tomatoes.

Grown by a cooperative of six farmers in southern New Jersey, these tomatoes were picked at their prime last August 27, then crushed (with a little salt), packed and canned–all within 24 hours and without preservatives or added water.

Pulino's uses the tomatoes for the sauce ladled onto their amorphous pizzas. They're the key ingredient in Le Cirque's spaghetti alla chitarra. Hundred Acres turns them into a romesco sauce that coats pan-roasted mussels with chorizo.

And at Maialino, the tomatoes pervade the menu, with starring rolls in braised trippa alla Trasteverina, vinegar and chile-inflected bucatini all'Amatriciana and bavette in guazzetto.

But our favorite any-night-of-the-week meal is Bklyn Larder's spicy tomato soup (click here to download the recipe). With a can of tomatoes from your pantry–and a bit of butter and hot sauce from the fridge–dinner is never very far away.

Find Jersey Farms Crushed Tomatoes at Fresh Direct, Dean and Deluca, Stinky Bklyn, Greene Grape Provisions, Bklyn Larder, Union Market, The Brooklyn Kitchen, Court Street Grocers and Murray's Cheese.