John Des Rosiers Brings You Home Cooking |Chicago

Chef-made food for home at Lake Bluff's Wisma

If only we lived near Wisma, we could have feasted through last week's snowpocalypse.

The new Lake Bluff market from Inovasi chef John des Rosiers is stocked with the chef's version of home cooking. Des Rosiers' soups, salads, sandwiches and entrées are all designed with a balance of hearty and healthy in mind.

Take home chicken lasagna ($13), assembled with house-made pasta, or a wine-rich lamb stew ($13), made with Wisconsin lamb, local onions and potatoes, for dinner, each packaged in a recyclable carryout container. Supplement the rotating selection of 11 main courses with a quart of mushroom bisque ($8) or rustic tomato soup ($9), and a baguette ($5) from Red Hen Bakery.

Des Rosiers has packed the shelves with plenty of fodder for the larder too. Keep house-made duck rillettes ($9 for 5 ounces), Point Reyes blue cheese ($20 per pound), and a "schmear" of feta with roasted garlic and basil at the ready for an impromptu dinner party–or snow-day snack.

Pair the plunder with a bottle of wine or craft beer, each priced at less than $20 and available for tasting before purchase.

More good (and jealousy-inciting) news for the suburbs: A Libertyville Wisma is scheduled to open on March 1.

Wisma, 24 E. Scranton Ave., Lake Bluff; 847-234-1805 or