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Ris ladles lucky soups


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Ris ladles lucky soups

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Our new favorite restaurant for egg drop soup doesn't even offer chopsticks.

Ris has launched an ambitious soup program, simmering different internationally inspired soups including Moroccan lamb, French bouillabaisse and Spanish sopa de ajo.

Starting tomorrow and continuing on Thursdays only, the bistro will serve adaptations of a favorite Asian soup that you can eat in the restaurant or take home by the cup ($5), pint ($8) or quart ($12).

Egg drop soup debuts in honor of Chinese New Year. A thick, scallion-laced bowl of velveteen egg and shredded chicken (click here to download the recipe), Ris' version intensifies the flavors of the typically mellow soup. The kitchen fortifies the chicken stock with additional whole chickens, ginger and stalks of lemongrass to deepen the flavor, then whisks eggs into the hot soup to order, to avoid the cornstarch thickness of familiar renditions.

The rest of the month, Ris traverses Asia. For example, Thai red curry soup with duck will play on the common curry dish. We've also marked our calendars for the sour, spicy kick of coconut-based tom kha gai and the month's final soup, a crab-laced hot-and-sour.

The meal won't end with a fortune cookie, but we still predict many happy returns.

Ris, 2275 L St. NW (at 23rd St.); 202-730-2500 or

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