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Delicious creative license at Ardeo + Bardeo

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Late last year, sister establishments Ardeo restaurant and Bardeo wine bar emerged from renovations as the two-for-one Ardeo + Bardeo.

Now, after a quick kitchen turnover, the restaurant's new chef, Nate Garyantes, has launched an excellent menu that serves tavern-style dishes with a playful, bar-friendly angle.

Listed alongside onion strings ($4) and disco fries ($5), flatbread may look more substantive than the usual snack, but Garyantes cuts his garlicky, pizza-like dish (pictured; $5) into long pieces. The strips arrive stacked in a vertical lattice, which causes the finger food to look like a Parmesan- and sun-dried-cherry-topped edible Jenga.

Lots of restaurants add an obligatory vegetarian dish to their menu, but Ardeo + Bardeo dedicates one-quarter of its menu to innovative meatless options. Eggplant carbonara ($12) uses two varieties of grilled aubergines blended with yogurt, black garlic and lemon to mimic bacon's smoky richness.

Steak and eggs ($24) presents a barrel-cut rib eye–the filet-mignon-like center cut–over puréed potatoes with roasted Royal Trumpet mushrooms and a "one-eyed Susan," or egg baked in brioche.

Do play around with wine pairings for each course, too. Ardeo + Bardeo offers a lengthy by-the-glass program, with nearly all of the options available for $10 or less, and tasting flights for $15.

Ardeo + Bardeo, 3311 Connecticut Ave. NW (at Macomb St.); 202-244-6750 or

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