Avedano's Brings You Good Meat | San Francisco

Avedano's puts good meat in your freezer

Sure, you could learn to butcher your own meat. You could teach yourself French and master the banjo, too, but let's be honest: It's probably not happening anytime soon.

Should you still want a well-stocked freezer and a T-bone at every meal, Avedano's has come to the rescue. The shop now sells meat boxes, available each Friday with a week's notice.

You might play it safe and preorder the accessible "Housewife" ($195 for 27 pounds), packed with pork loin, ground beef, beef lard and more.

Adventurous cooks can try their hand at cooking the rabbit, wild-boar shoulder and quail that come in the "Exotic" ($135 for 20 pounds), and experiment with trotters and lard butter. Purists might stick to the tried-and-true "Dixon," 20 pounds of grass-fed beef ($115), comprising cuts to grill, braise and pan-fry.

Of course, all the protein is sustainably raised and masterfully butchered, at a cost far lower than rack rate. And since we know these skills are all about culinary one-upmanship, it bears saying: your larder will be the envy of your neighbors.

Avedano's Holly Park Market, 235 Cortland Ave.; 415-285-6328 or avedanos.com