Maritime-Themed Bar, The Drink | Williamsburg, NYC

Brooklyn's version of a yacht club

The depths of a New York winter lead many to fantasize about pulling anchor and heading for warmer shores. But should you be moored on dry, frozen land, take comfort in the new Williamsburg bar The Drink.

Created by a team of Brooklyn bar all-stars (Frank Cisernos of Dram, Will Jones of Spuyten Duyvil, Matt Lang of Fette Sau and builder-bartender Adam Collison), The Drink offers a mellow maritime theme: Nautical charts adorn the ceiling, and the bar itself is built from the teak used in boat gunnels. The overall effect is charming, not cheesy, and a welcome departure from the sea of recent tiki kitsch.

Drinks focus on roughly a dozen nautically named punches gussied up with house-made syrups and fresh spices. Bowls like The Gunwale (a spicy-sweet combination of bourbon, grapefruit juice, cinnamon syrup and cranberry bitters) serve groups of three to four ($43), while individual mugs of steaming rum-laced apple-cherry wassail go for the undermarket price of $5 a pop.

Smartly curated beer offerings like Geary's–a malty Maine ale made with a traditional English yeast ($4)–make up the small selection on tap. And since no self-respecting sailor would drink on an empty stomach, The Drink plans to bring in smoked fish by Matt Lanf and seasonal pickle platters from Eric Mann of Prune.

Salty dogs, take heart: We've found your new winter hideaway.

The Drink, 228 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn; 718-782-8463 or