Sous Chef Series Introduction

Introducing the Sous Chef Series

Our collective obsession with good food is such that top culinary leaders are, by now, household names. But behind every Tom Colicchio and Wolfgang Puck of the world, there is a sous-chef standing sentry, upholding these masters' legacies on a daily basis.

So Tasting Table has partnered with Williams-Sonoma to shine a light on these emerging talents with the Sous Chef Series: Once a month, we'll send you an exclusive recipe from one of these rising stars behind America's top toques, which we've tested and adapted for the home cook.

Once armed with a recipe, you can head over to for tips, shopping and equipment lists and videos of each sous chef making his or her dish. Then register for a free demonstration of the recipe at your nearest Williams-Sonoma store, occurring across the country at noon on the Saturday following each recipe release.

First up: The ultimate roast chicken recipe from James Tracey, the chef de cuisine of Tom Colicchio's Craft in New York.