Kensington Marmalade Company's Elixirs | San Francisco

Citrus season is in full swing.

This means that Alexandra and Tim Eisler, the principles of Kensington Marmalade Company, are busy foraging fruit from the backyards of their East Bay neighbors.

The duo has used the local fruit to make marmalade, mostly, but they've recently expanded to include a line of drink mixers. After all, why spread on toast what you can serve with vodka?

The concentrated elixirs ($12 for 16 ounces) are made with the pulp and juice of local Meyer lemons, blood oranges, tangerines, and Rangpur and Bearss limes, plus a bit of cane sugar.

Though a vitamin-C-rich cocktail seems like the obvious application, teetotalers take note: When added to sparkling water, the intense liquid becomes a refreshing spritzer, and the Meyer lemon flavor is a flu-annihilating addition to a cup of hot tea.

Supplies are solid for now, but stocking your pantry is highly recommended. Once the East Bay trees are picked clean, you're out of luck until next winter.

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