Real Greek Tomato Sauce & Olive Oil From Kaldi

Kaldi brings the tastes of Greece to town


Greek Lesson

Kaldi brings the tastes of Greece to town

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When nostalgic food cravings hit, some people call Mom.

A pair of local brothers, Greg and Peter Kaldes, however, opted for a more permanent solution: Kaldi, the duo's line of Greek oils and tomato sauces shipped straight from the brothers' homeland, Greece.

The pair's unfiltered olive oil ($13) is extracted from the Mediterranean country's lesser-known Kolovi and Adramytiani olives, both of which are unique to the island of Lesbos. With more spice and earthiness than typical varieties, the oils' complexities and lingering sweetness are ideal complements for bread or grilled vegetables.

Though tomato sauce sounds distinctly Italian, Kaldi's four jarred adaptations ($7) incorporate classic Greek ingredients primed for a quick pasta dinner, or as simmering sauces for a variety of meats.

When dressing poached or grilled shrimp, the ouzo-based sauce's hints of licorice and briny olives echo the savory attributes of a classic puttanesca. For a heftier meal option, the gentle gaminess of lamb is boosted by the rosemary and bay leaves of the caramelized-onion sauce.

Let the cravings–nostalgic or otherwise–begin.

Available online at; or at Timor Bodega, 200 Rhode Island Ave. NW (at 2nd St.), 202-588-5612

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