Easy And Delicious Snow Day Supper Recipes

Three recipes to keep you warm on a snow day

Chapped lips. Frozen hair. Shoveling snow. We could make a long list of our least favorite aspects of winter. But instead let's focus on the part we like best: the soups, stews and comfort foods that make this long cold stretch more livable.

Our January menu (click here to download) offers three suppers for a snow day. Each includes a span of time during which the cook does nothing but wait. You cover the pot and walk away, letting the magic of a slow simmer do its work.

In just half an hour, the smells of chile-tinged chicken and dumplings will fill your kitchen. A pot of curry-braised short ribs, on the other hand, gives you time to watch a long movie as it becomes tender in the oven's low heat. And our adaptable version of classic Italian bread soup will reward your patience with surprisingly rich flavor.

So make a batch of hot cocoa and enjoy a day of satisfying slow food. All three recipes freeze well, so warm your hands on a bowl now and store some away for another cold day.