Winter Sun Farms CSA Delivers Frozen Local Produce

Winter Sun vegetables banish the dark days

Jim Hyland feels your pain. That very specific no-more-CSA-deliveries and only-potatoes-at-the-farmers'-market kind of pain.

And he's here to cure it. His company, Winter Sun Farms, buys, freezes and packages local produce at the peak of the growing season and delivers it monthly, CSA-style, to neighborhood drop spots in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

Winter Sun partners with sustainable farms from around the Hudson Valley (click here to see a full list of farms) and deep-freezes their fruits and vegetables using IQF (individually quick-frozen) technology–meaning that each blueberry and kernel of corn tastes as though it was just picked. Each package is then labeled with its harvest date and farm of origin.

The best part of a Winter Sun Farms share: Unlike a normal CSA, there's no panic over using fresh produce before it spoils. Plus, all the prep work has been done for you! The green beans have been snipped, the peppers diced and the butternut squash pureed, so you can throw the bags in your freezer and pull them out for your next dinner scramble.