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Keep locally farmed food even in winter frost


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Keep locally farmed food even in winter frost

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A little winter frost shouldn't keep farm food from your table.

Especially now that Farm to Family offers a winter CSA.

The company started as a mobile grocer, selling local produce from a converted school bus in Southern Virginia and visiting schools to teach nutrition.

Now that most farmers' markets have closed for the season, owners Mark and Suzi Lilly are visiting Washington to fill the void.

Their biweekly program–which lasts for eight weeks–will stop in Northwest and Capitol Hill to drop off a customizable menu. Members can sign up for the full bounty or any combination of meat, dairy, bread, dry goods and vegetables (the base subscription of vegetables and dry goods is $100).

The full lineup ($290) is a who's who of the region's best purveyors. Milk, raw-milk cheese and butter come from the sprawling Mountain View Farm. Polyface and Green Fence farms supply meats, but there are also local clams and oysters, whole-grain or gluten-free breads, maple-based products, and vegan Twin Oaks tofu.

If vacations get in the way, you can prorate or split membership. And if you want to stock up, the CSA accepts additional orders for whole turkeys and game meats.

Farm to Family CSA; 804-767-8570 or

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