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Zoe's Chocolates raises the bar on chocolate

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Though you may go for the food, you wouldn't exactly go to a sports game for fine chocolates. But now fine chocolates can transport you to a sports game.

Local chocolatier Zoe's makes a line of playful candy bars ($7), including a confection inspired by ballpark concessions.

The dark chocolate Sports Bar combines honey-roasted peanuts and salted, puffed rice that tastes like popcorn. It's sweet, salty, and packed with crunch to evoke the classic snacks without the work of shelling peanuts, or popcorn's heavy artificial butter.

The Cappuccino Bar mixes the rich flavor of ground Colombian coffee into a creamy, not-too-sweet white chocolate. Meanwhile, the Espresso Bar swirls dark chocolate with espresso-flavored white chocolate.

For purists, the Raw Bar tops intense dark chocolate with a layer of snappy, slightly bitter cacao nibs.

Though the company has started off small, there are plans for seasonal bars to show off fleeting flavors. Last month, crushed peppermint candy canes brightened the white chocolate Happy Holidays bar, while cinnamon hearts will top next month's Valentine's special.

Available at Cocova, 1904 18th St. NW, 202-903-0346 or; Zoe's Chocolate Co., 121A N Market St., Frederick, 301-694-5882 or

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